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Polish Gas Masks
1918 - 1939
after 1945
cyvilian - Industrial

Russian Gas Masks

German Gas Masks

German Gas Masks

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Welcome to My Collection of Gas Masks

New site address (temporarily only polish verssion):

My name is Andrzej Urbański (Andy). My interest in Gas Mask started in 2005 y. By creating this site I'm trying to save Gas Mask from the oblivion, for the next generation to know them.

My Gas Masks Collection is very small. Now I have only 86 masks. The basic subject of that collection is a polish Gas Mask used after 1945 y. I am interested in Gas Mask design - it's a great example of good mechanical engineering.

On this website you can find some information, pictures, and manuals about Gas Mask. I will try to show every detail of each mask that I have. Some of my masks are in very bad condition, but most of them fortunatelly are very good.

My collection contains some foreign Gas Mask. I hope to enlarge my collection with many more foreign Gas Mask in the near future.

Best regards,

I do not sell Gas Masks from my collection


Intellectual ownership right

All informations that are included on this website are free-for-all.

Disclaimer of Liability

I have put all the efford in order to make my website interesting for everyone that collect military accessories. However, I can no guarantee that everybody, that visit my site, will be satisfied and that my website does not have any mistakes.

The whole content of this site has informational character and photos of gas masks represent reality.

Please, be aware that instructions are not my property and I have posted them on didactic purpose. I have asked producers of gas masks for agreement of using their instructions on my site as jpg files, however I have not got any answer. I took it as a agreement.

I dont give any guarantee, affirmation neither promises concerning correctness of published content.


I place links to other internet sites as well as I lead banner exchange. Please, be aware that all linked sites are not my property and I dont take any responsibility for anything that they contain.


Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Best regards,

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